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iPhone dominates US, but Google’s Android rises in UK

iPhone dominates US, but Google’s Android rises in UK

The US mobile market may be currently dominated by iPhone, but in the UK, the Apple company’s Smartphone is gradually losing its grip on the market. If trends over the last few months are anything to judge by, the less-costly handsets featuring Google’s Android software have mounted a significant challenge to the iPhone’s former dominance. HTC handsets have been at the top of the leaderboard for the last several months.

The war of the smartphones is one that could have a very big effect on the internet’s future. As internet users become more used to mobile browsing, the popularity of the software being used will determine the search engine, to a large extent. This will have an impact on how sites perform mobile search engine optimisation and how they tackle mobile browsing in general.

From an SEO point of view, Google’s mobile dominance may be easier to cope with. While many SEO experts are excited by the ‘wild West’ atmosphere of the mobile market, the lack of rules and known factors does make it harder for the average site owner to plan. Mobile search is necessarily different from regular search, but dealing with the same entity would possibly have its advantages.

Is the shift permanent? It’s far too early to judge, particularly as the iPhone’s popularity seems to rise with each new release. The fact that Android phones have been able to push the Apple smartphone from its dominating spot is enough to prick up the ears of SEOs from Chester to Cheltenham.

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