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instagram new logo e1466672782812

Instagram unveils new logo

instagram new logo e1466672782812

Instagram unveils new logo

Photo and video sharing platform Instagram has recently changed its logo in an attempt to modernise its appearance.

The new logo was debuted last week and is a combination of vibrant colours – a stark contrast to its previous one. The updated visual features sunset swirl colours – purple, pink, yellow and orange – with the iconic camera outlined in white in the middle.

Instagram announced its new appearance in a blog post in which it explains that the change is to reflect the evolution of the platform over the years. This is demonstrated through both text and video. It also announced that the logos for its third-party apps Boomerang, Hyperlapse and Layout have also been updated, adopting the same colour scheme.

The previous logo had become one of the most iconic features of the platform. It featured a retro cream and brown Polaroid camera with a rainbow strip in the top left corner. The radical change of the logo has split opinion of users, which initial reactions being predominantly negative.


Although there are some positive reviews:

As well as a change in logo, the company also changed the colour of its recognisable blue backdrop to white. The change has been explained by Instagram bosses, who say that the alteration in backdrop colour will put more emphasis on the content being shared. It was also revealed that these changes have been in progress for around a year, although navigation of the app remains to be the same.

Instagram was purchased by social media site Facebook back in 2012 for $1bn (£630 million). Since then, the photo-sharing platform has gone from strength to strength and has now accrued over 400 million users, seeing it overtake Twitter in terms of user base. The app is still way behind parent company Facebook, which has 1.49 billion users, and messaging service WhatsApp, also owned by Facebook, which boasts a user base of 600 million.

The app’s popularity is further cemented by the fact that over 80 million photos and videos are shared on the platform on a daily basis, with the service’s filters being widely used before being shared onto multiple social media.

A number of businesses have started to use the Facebook-owned site to showcase the work they do and to try and attract a new customer base through the popular service.

Instagram has demonstrated why businesses should be careful when making a dramatic change such as a new logo. They are an iconic part of any business, and are essentially a face to a name. Although reaction to the change is not currently all that positive, time will likely heal the wounds as users become accustomed to the update.

Alan Littler
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