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Initial characters count with tweets

Initial characters count with tweets

If you’re using a Twitter campaign as part of your website’s search engine optimisation plan, there are a number of things you need to think about. When you first register for an account on Twitter, you need to think about SEO when you design a user name, account name and bio. Once your account is up and running, the SEO concerns don’t stop there.

Search engine optimisation is important to consider in general when you’re drafting your Twitter posts. One of the more important areas to think about for tweeting is the first few characters of your posts. This is because the first 40 or so characters of your tweet may be used as a title tag if the search engines pick up on any of your tweets.

The search engines have cottoned on to the fact that social media posts can be of general interest. Twitter posts are featuring more frequently in a number of searches, and having your posts indexed should be one of your SEO aims on Twitter. When Google or the other search engines index your post, they generally take the first 40-ish characters as the title tag, which is used as the link in the search engine results pages. This character limit will include your user name and the first few words of your tweet.

It’s a good idea to treat the first words of your tweets as a title. Keeping your first few words in a tweet on-topic, tightly written and optimised is a good way to look good in the search results pages.

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