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Incorrect sign creates confusion

Incorrect sign creates confusion

A sign in Leicester which had a place name spelt incorrectly has caused confusion for motorists. The sign should have been directing traffic, both pedestrian and motor, to ‘Gilroes Cemetery’ but instead directed to ‘Gilrose Cemetery’. The sign is situated on one of the busiest roads in Leicester, which will have puzzled plenty of motorists looking for directions.

The city council have insisted that the error will be easy to correct, without costing much money. It will be dealt with in March 2011. A spokesperson from the council said:

“The sign was put in only very recently. It is very simple and cheap to put right, and we will be doing so as soon as possible, within the next few weeks.”

In the meantime, pedestrians and motorists will be left confused when looking for directions to Gilroes cemetery, especially if new to the area. A business website can cause the same confusion, as well as creating a poor image if words are spelt incorrectly. Trying to manage a business while creating original content for your website is a time consuming task that requires an understanding of English grammar and the language.

According to one student in Leicester, who enjoys the discovery of grammatical errors, people will find errors either confusing, annoying or amusing, which isn’t the impression you want to create for your business. Content outsourcing to a professional UK copywriting service, will guarantee the proper use of the English language to create a professional image while providing accurate information. Although Leicester city council believe that the error is cheap and simple to correct, errors on a professional website can be catastrophic.

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