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Improving conversions on your website

Improving conversions on your website

With 2009 almost over, many businesses will begin examining their advertising budgets for next year in relation to where they can cut costs, and where they need to increase spending.

Internet marketing is always one area that comes under scrutiny because you can clearly see how successful your PPC, SEO and email campaigns have been. You can track rises in rankings, traffic and conversions very easily using tools such as Google Analytics (or at least you should be), so the success, or comparative lack of success, of any Internet marketing campaign becomes apparent.

What some businesses will do however is to look at a lack of return on investment (ROI) and deem their Internet marketing a failure. They’ll see a lack of sales via their website, a lack of enquires, and believe that cutting costs is the way forward in the face of more profitable advertising methods.

If that is the case with your website, ask yourself why you have a low ROI.

Many people believe there is a direct correlation between the traffic your website receives and the money you can make from it. Unless your website earns money by page impressions, this is not the case. You need your website to convert, and high rankings for keywords and lots of Internet traffic from search engines is just the first part of the puzzle.

The main problem, more often than not, is that your website is unsuitable for the task at hand. Perhaps it has an amateurish design and doesn’t look trustworthy, perhaps it doesn’t display properly in all browsers, perhaps it’s difficult to navigate or maybe your products, or contact details, are hard to find.

You could even have basic scripting errors on your contact or purchase pages, and not even realise it.

If your website is ranking for keywords and is receiving traffic for those keywords, look at your analytics and see where those visitors are going and, more importantly, what pages they are exiting your website from.

You need to make it easy for users to convert on your website. The easier it is, the more conversions you will have.

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