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Ill-advised tweet costs footballer big move


Ill-advised tweet costs footballer big move

A Spanish lower league player has missed out on a move to a club in the country’s top division after his would-be employers discovered he had been less than complimentary about them on social media in 2012.

Arosa SC winger Julio Rey was all set to jump up three divisions to join La Liga side Deportivo La Coruña, but on sifting through his Twitter profile, the Galician side took exception to a three year old tweet in which Rey, perhaps thinking a chance to play for such a club was never likely to present itself to him, used some choice language to share his opinion on what would have been his future employers.

Explaining the decision, a statement on the Deportivo website said:

“[Deportivo] believes that a player deserves to wear the blue and white shirt if he’s an example of sportsmanship, respectful of their rivals, committed and has positive feelings toward Depor, its colours, its crest and those values that represent this institution.”

Rey has since deleted his account on the social platform, but the story is a reminder of how people in the public eye need to be especially responsible in the way they use social media.

When using Twitter or Facebook for business, companies should be very careful with what they say about other firms and demographics. Tweets and entire accounts can be deleted but, as Rey found out, the damage may have been done by then and a potentially lucrative deal may have fallen by the wayside.

John Murray

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