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I have enough links!

I have enough links!

Does this sound like you? Are you of the opinion that your website has enough links, so you don’t need to engage in any link building strategies and you don’t need any linkbait content?

Well that’s fine then, you don’t need to read on. Sounds like you’ve got the perfect number of links and your website will be fine, riding high at the top of the search engines forever.

You certainly don’t need to know about the PageRank ice caps melting over at Google HQ. What’s that? You do? Oh ok, allow me to explain.

Your website may have hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of links. That’s great, sounds like you’ve got a really strong website and you’ve done well with it. However, just as the sea levels are rising because of the melting ice caps (and the general effect of global warming) the link levels required to stay afloat in the online world are also rising.

You may have thousands of links, but so do your competitors. Everyone is engaged in link building exercises, which means that the number of links required to stay ahead is increasing all the time. You may be on high link ground now, but before too long, if you don’t build on your links to create higher ground, you could find yourself below the water line of acceptable links – as your competitors pass you by.

What represents a strong amount of links now would have been an unrivalled amount of links five years ago, and is likely to be just a small number of links in a few years time. The more sites that link to each other, the more diluted their link juice becomes, the less impact your links will have.

Links aren’t a fixed point in time. They’re fluid, and the numbers required to stay afloat are constantly rising. You do not have enough links. You can never have enough links.

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