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How your website could LITERALLY save your business


How your website could LITERALLY save your business

We may be in a form of lockdown in the UK, with many businesses closing their doors for the foreseeable future, but there are still opportunities to be found out there. This applies to every business, including yours!

Yet, most people aren’t accepting that. Instead of looking for opportunities, they are finding excuses. For example, I heard from someone this week who said they couldn’t do anything with their website’s domain name as the company that manages it has furloughed its tech guys. They needed to make a change to their domain name, and they couldn’t.

I find that quite unbelievable. I get that a lot of businesses have furloughed staff and, in many cases, business owners (company directors) have furloughed themselves, but a company that hosts and maintains websites and domains? When the whole world is doing business, communicating and existing ONLINE?

Web companies should not be furloughing staff right now. The world is reliant on the internet in order to keep turning (OK, this time not literally, but you know what I mean).

If the company managing your website and domain says it can’t do anything for you because it has furloughed its tech guys, you need to move company. What happens if your website goes down? What if it gets hacked? What if it needs an urgent update?

You can’t do it.

Web developers, designers and hosting companies should be busier than ever right now. They still have their regular clients’ websites to support, plus the increased strain from many businesses going exclusively online.

At Engage Web, we’re business as usual, having to also put in some long days. Sure, people are working from home. I personally have a stack of Simpsons Calendar trivia questions waiting for when John Murray gets back in the office, but on a work front nothing has changed.

The internet doesn’t get furloughed. Your website doesn’t get furloughed. It still needs people there to support it. There are currently more people than ever before on the internet at the same time. Business-to-consumer websites are seeing a huge increase in traffic, especially those that sell products as nobody can get to the stores.

However, it’s not just business-to-consumer companies who can prosper in this time. Any business can take advantage of the fact that their competitors have shut up shop and hunkered down. There are still customers out there wanting what you do, either right now or for when this is all over. You should be building those lists and those pipelines, changing the way you work and looking at how you can reach all of those people who are just sat on their phones scrolling to infinity because they can’t go outside, the pubs are shut and there’s no live sport.

Businesses have three options right now:

1 – Go under
2 – Lie low and hope it all returns to normal before they resort to option 1
3 – Pivot – change their way of working to make use of the fact their website is open for business, when their bricks and mortar business isn’t.

Some people always see problems, whereas others always see opportunities.

Take advantage of this time. If you don’t, someone else will.

Darren Jamieson

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