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How will AI change how you market your business?

AI woman

How will AI change how you market your business?

Given the sheer variety of news that comes out about developments in artificial intelligence (AI), many of us are unsure if we should be terrified or excited about the future technology holds for us.

While AI can already play a role in how you market your business, its true potential is yet to be fully realised. It is also yet to be seen whether these advances in technology will produce fruitful results.

Here are a couple of marketing elements that may change as a result of artificial intelligence:


Marketing content that is produced by AI is not a novel concept, but AI-produced content is often easy to identify, especially by Google’s SEO algorithms, which can detect writing that is not written by a human and prevent high search result rankings from being achieved. Indeed, Google representatives have said in recent months that AI-generated content is against the company’s guidelines.


AI-driven advertising techniques make it much easier to analyse the success of a marketing campaign. With sophisticated measurement techniques, attributing actual sales to your advertising efforts is simpler than ever. As AI becomes even more advanced, it is thought that these metrics will only get even more specific and sophisticated.

At some point, marketing, just like many other industries, will be greatly influenced by artificial intelligence. The industry has already seen some of the effects of AI’s development. However, at this moment in time, AI is not capable of carrying all of your marketing needs.

While it can be used as a useful tool, your marketing campaigns still need a human touch in order to achieve its goals. Here at Engage Web, we specialise in producing content for our clients that garners fantastic results, so give us a call to get the most out of your marketing plans.

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