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How to write engaging content your audience will love

How to write engaging content your audience will love

We all know the feeling. You sit down to write an inspiring blog or social media post you just KNOW will be successful – and your mind goes blank.

It happens to the best of us.

Fortunately, we’ve listed some top tips below to help ensure you never run out of content ideas for your website!

Stay in the loop with a content calendar

A content calendar can keep you informed about themed days before anyone else, allowing you to effectively plan your social media posts in advance.

Often downloadable in spreadsheet form, you’ll never go short of ideas, as you can look ahead months in advance – giving you the space to get creative, and arrange some fun content with your team. National “wear your pyjamas to work day”, anyone?

Plan a weekly newsletter

It’s good to break your content up, and having a weekly or monthly newsletter can give your audience a more intimate insight into your brand.

You can keep your subscribers posted on your team’s shenanigans “behind the scenes”, or perhaps let them know of an exclusive deal coming up – just for them! Whatever the tone of your business, you can reflect this in your newsletter to strengthen your relationship with your clients, and stand you apart from your competitors.

Hold regular competitions

Speaking of competitors – hosting regular competitions can be a great way to encourage customer engagement!

By actively encouraging your audience to like, share or follow your page in exchange for the potential to win a prize, you’re effectively widening your reach, which could allow for more custom later down the line.

If you need some help crafting quality content, our team at Engage Web can help. Alternatively, why not download our FREE content calendar here – and ensure you never go short of content again!

Lia Bartley

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