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How to verify a Facebook page

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How to verify a Facebook page

You may have seen that some business pages on Facebook feature a tick next to the page name. This tick means the page has been verified as a genuine business by Facebook. It also means the page apparently shows higher in Facebook’s search rankings, and it gives the page more authority as a verified business (which is always useful considering all the scam Facebook pages cropping up every day).

Getting your Facebook page verified is actually very easy, and takes just a few moments to do. There are also two ways to verify your page.

To start the Facebook page verification process:

1 – Visit your Facebook page and click the Settings tab on the top right of the page. This will take you to the settings area, where you can manage how your page works.

2 – In the General tab, which should be the default tab when you click on settings, choose the ‘Page verification’ option. In our screenshot below, it is the third option down, but as Facebook keeps adding new features it may not be third for you.

Facebook Page Verification

3 – Click ‘Verify this Page’. This will open a box offering two different ways to verify your Facebook page. The first option is to verify the page by phone and the second is to upload documents to Facebook confirming your business’ registration.

Method of Facebook Verification #1 – Phone

To verify your Facebook page by phone, enter your business phone number on the box and press the ‘Call Me Now’ button. Facebook will attempt to call the number to confirm it is real and they will give you a unique PIN. Once you have the PIN, you need to enter that in the box and your Facebook page will be confirmed.


If, however, your business uses an automated phone system whereby anyone calling your business number has to negotiate a series of prompts in order to get through to the right department, then the verification process will not work. Facebook’s auto calling system cannot navigate through this. You will either need to deactivate this system while you verify your Facebook page, or you’ll need to supply a different business number. This may not be practical, however, so Facebook has another method you can use to verify your Facebook page.

Method of Facebook Verification #2 – Document Upload

At the bottom of the pop-up box, there is a link to ‘Verify this Page with documents instead’. This is the option we used at Engage Web. Selecting this option takes you through to a slightly different form for verifying your Facebook page.


To verify your page using the document uploader, you need to provide one of the following:

  • Business utilities or phone bill
  • Business licence
  • Business tax file
  • Certificate of formation
  • Articles of incorporation

This is very straightforward, and requires you to provide an uneditable version of one of these documents. By ‘uneditable’, we mean a PDF or scan rather than a Word document or spreadsheet – something where the business name and address cannot be changed. It’s also worth pointing out that the business name needs to match the name of your Facebook page, which could be an issue as many businesses in the UK have a different limited company name to their trading name. For example, Engage Web’s limited company name is ‘Sheer Media Limited’. This means any utility bills we have would feature that name, rather than Engage Web.

If this is the case for you, you can still verify your Facebook page as we have done. Once you have uploaded your document, your application for verification will be reviewed by Facebook and you’ll receive an email in a day or two with the outcome. If they refuse your verification, you are able to reply and send more forms of identification. We did this, and our verification was confirmed with a few hours.


The whole process took just a few minutes of our time, was completed within a few days, and we now have a blue badge on our Facebook page to confirm our page is authentic.

Darren Jamieson

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