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How to use Facebook Insights to monitor your competitors


How to use Facebook Insights to monitor your competitors

If you have a Facebook Page for your business, it can be difficult to know how well you’re doing with it. Are you posting the right content? Is your engagement high enough? Do you have enough Facebook likes? Is your page growing at a decent rate?

On the other hand, are you just wasting your time in the wrong areas?

Luckily, Facebook has a tool to make this easier to track. Facebook Insights has a section called ‘Pages to Watch’, and this allows you to keep tabs on your competitors with metrics such as how many posts they’re making each week, how much engagement they’re getting, how many page likes they have and how many new likes they’ve had this week.

To use the tool, visit your Facebook Page and click the option across the top for ‘Insights’. Scroll down to the bottom, to the ‘Pages to Watch’ section. From there, you can add competitors and compare them with the success of your page.

This video explains how it works in detail:

When adding competitor pages to follow, it’s important you don’t just choose ones that have fewer likes than your page. While this may make you feel better as your page will appear at the top of the mini league table, it won’t help your page to grow.

You need to choose competitors that are doing better than you. Choose the pages you aspire to be. Only by doing this can you see what successful pages are doing, what level of posting they’re doing, and what you need to do in order to beat them.

Once you’ve eclipsed competitors by a decent margin, or if you see they’re no longer posting, you can remove them from your mini league table and add better-performing Facebook pages instead. Keep swapping poorer pages for better ones, so your own page has a higher goal to achieve.

You can also see more detailed reports on each page by clicking the page’s logo within the league table. This won’t take you to that page, but will instead show you the recent posts they have made and the levels of engagement they have received. If a page has done particularly well one week, with an increased number of page likes or a higher level of engagement, wouldn’t you like to know just what they’ve done to earn that?

You can, by clicking on them.

The Pages to Watch tool is free, and is a great way to see if your page is heading in the right direction, or if your competitors are doing far more than you on Facebook.

Darren Jamieson

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