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How to tell if a website’s content is unique

How to tell if a website’s content is unique

Usually, the point of hiring SEO copywriting professionals to produce unique content for a website is to increase the site’s position in search rankings. Most people have probably heard of the premise that content has to be ‘unique’ in order to be rated positively by search engines, and that duplicate content is frowned upon, but is there any overall agreement about what, exactly, constitutes uniqueness?

Although there is no one official definition, there are a number of points which are generally agreed upon by experts in the SEO industry. First of all, content must be totally different from anything on other pages, including pages on the same site. This means that taking a piece of copy and changing some of the words here and there does not make it unique. The minimum amount of text on a page for SEO is thought to be around thirty to fifty words, and it must make sense as well as not being replicated elsewhere.

As well as the main content on a page other parts of the HTML, such as meta descriptions and page titles, should be unique. Repeating them throughout a site is regarded as content duplication. Also, content such as images, audio and video is now being weeded out by search engines if they have ‘seen’ it before.

It can be quite daunting making sure that all the content of a site is unique, and this is an advantage of employing professional UK copywriters who will be able to produce what is required as a matter of course.

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