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How to take a bite out of the social media market


How to take a bite out of the social media market

Following the recent news that a real-life shark has gained thousands of followers on Twitter, many companies may be wondering how they too can take advantage of social platforms to increase their marketing reach.

The great white, which is currently being tracked off the American east coast by non-profit Ocearch, has become a hit on the microblogging site after an anonymous reporter created an account for it. Mary Lee is 3,500lbs and was named for one of the researchers’ mothers. If you would like your brand to do as well as the @MaryLeeShark account, the following tips will soon get you up and swimming:

Reputation management

Online, it is becoming increasingly important to make sure you are putting across the right message. In the case of Mary Lee, the tweeter in charge of the account is reportedly trying to help to dispel the myths surrounding the apex predator by replacing “fear with facts”. When it comes to your business, aim to be honest and straightforward on social news feeds, as followers tend to see through the act quite quickly.

Be engaging

You will also want to make sure your account isn’t too dry (no pun intended). While the shark has been retweeting information about its species for Ocearch, it is also engaging with followers in a more playful way. By balancing quality information with appealing content, including a few graphics, you will be more likely to build brand loyalty amongst followers.

Never stay still

Much like how a shark must constantly keep on the move in order to breathe, you must make sure you are posting to your account fairly regularly. Not only will this help to keep the attention of followers, but it allows you to vary your content quite often to keep it informative and entertaining.

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