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How to make sure your website’s content avoids the mistakes of the Delhi Commonwealth Games

How to make sure your website’s content avoids the mistakes of the Delhi Commonwealth Games

The escalating scandal of the Commonwealth Games in Delhi is a sobering example of being unprepared and using poor materials and techniques. First a footbridge collapsed, then the ceiling of a competition hall. The Athletes Village is reportedly unfinished and filthy, with standing water attracting malarial and Dengue Fever bearing mosquitoes. Allegations of corruption are rife and it is thought that basic building materials have not been produced to standard. This is a tragedy for the fabulous city of Delhi, which has much to offer as a venue for a prestigious sporting event. It will take a long time to recover from this misadventure.

In business, this kind of publicity is death to a company and its trading. A company website displaying poor article writing can do untold damage and destroy any good will built up over the years.

Using poor quality content, articles and blogs for a website with poor spelling and grammar gives a bad impression and continuously generating fresh, unique content round the same industry is a skill. Professional writers practise their craft over years and can work quickly and efficiently, never cutting corners. Reputable Internet article writing services focus upon content specifically designed for search engine optimisation (SEO) and employ many home-workers in this field. A professional SEO writer enjoys the regular work that an agency provides, rather than the hit and miss methods of freelancing. There is also a sense of loyalty and dedication to provide quality content, articles and blogs to fulfil the contract for the client; a dedication that sadly seems to have been lacking in the building of the Commonwealth Games facilities.

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