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How to improve your organic traffic

How to improve your organic traffic

SEO isn’t just about achieving the perfect spot in the search engine results. Getting your pages listed in the search engine results pages is really only half the battle. What you need once you’ve attained the right position is for Internet users to click on your link. This is a bigger step than it might seem.

A lot of the work in search engine optimisation takes place on your own pages. This is great because your pages are a place you can control, unlike links on other websites. Many companies put off their off-page SEO work to the last minute because it involves forces outside of their control. There is an area in between which is key to getting your organic traffic rates up. Your title and description tags, which are listed in the top area of your website’s code, are what it takes to convince Internet users to click on your links from search engine results pages.

Title tag

This tag will be the first thing that internet users see on the search pages, so it needs to represent your page effectively. It also needs to be short, as you have restricted room, and contain your keywords for your SEO. Writing title tags is a specialist skill, and it can help to talk to your SEO company as they will know the best way to create titles tags.

Description tag

The second thing Internet users focus on is the description below the title in the SERPs (search engine results pages). This should be used to provide more information about what your page contains.

The number of people who choose your site in the listings could also have an impact on the future ranking of your site. There is a school of SEO thought that the search engines are beginning to take notice of which sites get organic traffic, and work this into their algorithms. Certainly, with customised search patterns in Google, the more a user clicks on your links – the higher your website will appear to that user for other searches. So, a better organic traffic level means not only good things for your site now, but in the future.

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