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How to harm your website with content

How to harm your website with content

You may think that all content on your website is good content, as the more you update your website the more Google will visit and the more phrases you’ll rank for. This is untrue however as some content can harm your website’s SEO, sometimes to the point of your site being banned by Google.

Here are some ways that content can be harmful to your website.

Copied content from other sites
If you copy content from other websites you’ll be risking a duplicate content penalty from Google. If Google perceives your website to be nothing more than a duplicate, content wise, of another site you could be filtered from the index, never to be seen again (at least until you remove the content).

Irrelevant content
Not all content is good. If your website sells camping equipment and you’re posting about the weekend’s football results or what happened on the wrestling how can you expect Google to know that your site is about camping equipment? Google has a complex algorithm that works on many different factors to rank websites accordingly, one of those factors is the relevance of your content. If your site is about camping equipment, write about camping equipment.

Too many links
Placing text links within your content is good. It helps Google get around your website and tells Google what each page is about by the relevance of the anchor text used in the link. Placing hundreds of text links in each article is bad. It makes your website seem like a link farm and each link you have devalues the strength of the preceding link. You have so much ‘link juice’ to pass around your website, use it wisely and don’t go crazy with the links.

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