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How to get the most out of your Facebook groups


How to get the most out of your Facebook groups

Businesses of all shapes and sizes often use Facebook as a marketing channel to generate sales. However, despite how many companies use the social media platform, marketing a business through Facebook is not the low-effort, high-reward endeavour many will claim it to be.

As explained by Darren in a recent episode of the Engaging Marketeer podcast, a typical low-effort Facebook marketing technique is to share the exact same marketing post across a range of different Facebook groups. Unfortunately, these posts do not tend to garner much engagement, which in turn leads to these posts appearing much less frequently in the timelines of Facebook group members.

To get the most out of your marketing efforts in Facebook groups, the first step is to avoid techniques of this nature. Your content will not only fail to receive engagement, but it will also most likely not even be seen by the majority of members in the groups you are looking to target.

Instead, a technique that may bring you success, if used in moderation, is tagging every member of a group in a post by using ‘@everyone’, either in the post itself or the comment section. This method will send a notification to every member of the group, meaning your content can reach a much wider and possibly more fruitful audience.

However, it is important to use this technique sparingly, as you may find that particular group members are not interested in constant notifications over content that may not necessarily interest them, prompting them leaving the group permanently. If used sparingly though, this form of Facebook marketing is likely to reach a substantial percentage of the group’s audience, increasing engagement and, hopefully, sales as well.

Mastering Facebook marketing is no simple task. However, at Engage Web, we can make this much easier. Have a look at our Ultimate Facebook Ads Master Academy video course if you want to gain all the knowledge you need in order to gain consistent new business through Facebook.

Luke Meredith

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