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How to fix insecure content on WordPress sites built with Elementor


How to fix insecure content on WordPress sites built with Elementor

Elementor is a page builder that can be installed on WordPress, which provides you with greater freedom to create visually appealing websites. It’s a tool we use here at Engage Web – but sometimes, issues can arise.

Last week, a client’s website built with Elementor went live, but there were a few issues with insecure content that were being flagged up on our internet browser, next to the secure icon. We’ve seen many websites that have flagged up this error before, and have found an easy solution in order to make sure that this doesn’t flag up on your website – read on to learn how to fix this issue.

In order for this to fix to work, you will need an SSL certificate on your website before changing any URLs to HTTPS. You can find out more about HTTPS and SSL certificates here.

Once you have an SSL certificate, the first action you need to take is to install the ‘Easy HTTPS (SSL) Redirection’ plugin onto your WordPress site. This will make sure that any links on your website are HTTPS, and not HTTP.

When we did this for our client, we found that this didn’t seem to change the error on their website. If this happens to you too, the next step is to go into the Elementor Tools section, which you can find by hovering over the Elementor section of the WordPress Admin.

JR article Image1 002

Once you have clicked the ‘Tools’ section (shown above), you will then need to go to Replace URL, as below:

JR article Image2 002

Next, enter your website address with the http:// in the first field, and then enter your domain with https:// in the second field, like below:

JR article Image3 002

Once you have successfully entered these, press ‘Replace URL’, and this should fix the issue of insecure content on an Elementor website.

At Engage Web, we use Elementor to build highly customised websites for our clients. Talk to our friendly team today to discuss how we can build you an effective website for your business.

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