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How to find and define your brand’s voice

How to find and define your brand’s voice

Every brand will have a different way of relating to its target market – an edge that sets it apart from its competitors.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at why honing your brand’s voice is important, and the elements you’ll need to take into consideration when finding it.

What forms the basis of a brand’s voice?

Just like you, your brand will have its own set of values and experiences, which works to shape its personality.

By leaning into what makes your brand unique, you can draw from these values when crafting content to use on your website or in your communications, which will increase your audience’s sense of familiarity.

Do you have a culture that acknowledges the wisdom gained from when things go wrong, with just as much emphasis on celebrating the wins? Or an office dog that features in every social media post?

While there can be safety in fitting in, in business this can be quite the opposite. No-one remembers the cookie-cutter brands that try to mimic what others have done before them. So, be bold!

Create uniformity across platforms

Your brand will likely have a number of platforms it uses to reach its audience, so it’s important to make sure your voice carries uniformity across all communications.

Whether this is through social media posting, an email campaign or a blog post, the aim is for your audience to instantly recognise your tone, which in itself can be a form of marketing. If your content is often amusing, relatable or inspires emotion, for example, it can encourage subscribers to share it with friends – which may in turn lead to future clients.

Refine your customer base

Nailing down your brand’s voice can also be a great way to refamiliarise yourself with exactly who you’re aiming the content at.

By creating an avatar or persona of your ideal client, you can get a better sense of how you can tailor your language to appeal to that demographic.

This doesn’t mean losing your own voice in the process by trying to contort yourself into being what you THINK people want, but rather, refining your wording to create a more streamlined approach. As humans, we do this naturally anyway – we edit how we speak depending on who we’re having a conversation with, whether that’s a work colleague, friend or relative. Just think of your brand’s voice as an extension of this – and don’t worry about trying to appeal to the masses. If they’re not pulled in by your content, then they’re not your ideal client!

Here at Engage Web, we create original content for our clients that matches their brand’s unique voice, using their own words. If you’d like to find out more about our services, contact our team today.

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