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How to find a reliable web developer


How to find a reliable web developer

For many people, a website is the first impression they get of a business. Current and potential clients go to a business website for information about a company before they decide whether or not to use them. A great website needs a reliable web developer who will not only design a great site, but be there to monitor its progress and implement design updates throughout the life of the website.

Let’s look things to look for when finding a good web developer and web designer.

What have they done in the past?

An experienced web developer will have a portfolio of past projects. Many developers specialise in particular genres, ecommerce sites, minimalist design, image gallery sites and so on. Do their past projects fit in with your vision of your website?

Can your web developer communicate?

You may love what a web developer has done in the past, but how good are they at communication? Many technology experts are not good at communicating their ideas, and they’re not responsive when it comes to queries either by phone or email. They spend long hours sitting in front of computer monitors coding complex web sites, devoid of human interaction. The type of person suited to this work is often introverted and not a good communicator.

You need a web developer who can communicate his ideas in non-technical plain English. You also need a good listener who can listen to your ideas and then know ways in which your ideas can be implemented on the website.

Don’t go for the cheapest

There are many individuals and companies selling cut price web site development, but the cheapest is rarely the best. A high quality web designer will not be cheap. Due to the importance of a website to a business, it pays to hire the best.

The cheapest option is to learn WordPress and create your own website. You may be an expert entrepreneur but that does not make you an expert web developer. Your website is best left to a professional web developer, unless your website budget is zero or you don’t plan on getting any business from your website.

Interview many developers

You will probably have a long term relationship with your web developer. If you hire staff, you will not hire the first applicant, but talk to a short list of the best applicants. Similarly, when it comes to hiring a web developer, interview a few and look at their work. How they’re able to communicate with you, and how quickly they respond, should give you an indication of how a professional relationship with them would develop.


Talk to your business contacts. Discover who their web developers are and how they rate them. If you find a website that you love, then email the owner to find out who their web developer is.

Be careful of awards

Some web developer and web design agency websites include icons of awards they have won. This gives the impression that they must be a top developer. There are many awards icons that people can put on their website in return for a link back to the awarding site, without requiring any actual quality design work to have obtained. Click on any award icons to make sure they are genuine industry recognised awards.

To find a high quality professional web developer that is right for your business is not easy. With due diligence and by following these guidelines, you should find the best one for you.

Darren Jamieson

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