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How to destroy a career using Facebook

How to destroy a career using Facebook

Usually a ‘how to‘ is about something you would like to do. This how to is definitely a warning.

There are plenty of companies on Facebook these days, cleverly using the personal approach to enrich their relationships with customers. It can be effective, and result in inbound links for their websites.

How to destroy a career using Facebook? It’s simple. All you have to do is forget that Facebook is essentially a public forum. Simply log in, or allow your staff to log into your Facebook account. Next, post a personal message to a friend via their Wall section. It’s even better to post a comment on their status update, making it as public as possible. The more personal and vitriolic the message, the better.

Everyone knows someone who has made a nasty mistake with Facebook, but many business owners forget that such mistakes are possible when using the site for business purposes. Facebook can be a great way to support your site, but it can also be an embarrassingly public forum.

The shift from completely private messaging to the public forum of social media sites has been the downfall of many professionals and businesses. With so many businesses taking advantage of Facebook to augment their SEO campaign, learning about Facebook etiquette is essential.

The public/private switcheroo is one of the confusing aspects of Facebook, as many people have found to their detriment. Don’t let it be the downfall of your business profile when you use Facebook as part of a search engine optimisation campaign.

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