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How to build links fast

How to build links fast

There are many different link building strategies in Internet marketing, with a lot of SEO companies still going down the paid links route. Paid links however are frowned upon by Google and are not a good way of building natural, quality links. Paid links are also mostly rented, so you would have to pay again after the rental period (usually 12 months) expires.

No, there are much better ways of building links for your website. One of the best ways of doing this is by holding contests or competitions on your website. By running a competition and offering some of your products or services as a prize you’re able to generate the sort of high quality links (in a very short time) that would cost you a lot of money were you to pay for them. Plus, instead of paying money for them, all you need to spend is the cost of your products or services.

The reason this works so well as an Internet marketing technique is because there are many websites on the Internet that earn their money by offering up details of other websites featuring competitions and giveaways. Some of these websites are also very powerful (in an Internet marketing sense) and a link from a website such as this would have a great impact on your SEO campaign.

For example, the website www.moneysavingexpert.com is a Google PageRank 6 and has over 500,000 indexed pages in Google.co.uk. They also have an active forum and post details of websites offering giveaways. This could include a link to your website!

There are thousands of websites such as this in the business of linking to websites that are offering giveaways. Any competition run on your website could easily find itself posted on the numerous competitions websites, shared on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and even emailed between friends.

By running a competition you’ll receive a huge spike in web traffic (admittedly most of it won’t convert) and a lasting increase in your IBLs (inbound links) which will improve your natural search engine rankings.

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