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How to become a Top Voice on LinkedIn and increase your visibility

How to become a Top Voice on LinkedIn and increase your visibility

LinkedIn can be a great platform for getting yourself (and your business) out there.

You may have noticed on LinkedIn that some profiles have what’s referred to as Top Voice Badges, which identify those profiles as being particularly influential in their fields.

While some people may assume that these badges are for premium members only, or need to be purchased, this is, in fact, not the case. Any LinkedIn member can earn a Top Voice badge – all it takes is a bit of time.

On LinkedIn, you’ll have the opportunity to add Skills to your profile, which is anything you have a good level of knowledge or experience in – this could be IT, for example, or public speaking.

There is also an option on LinkedIn to search through collaborative articles that are divided into content around these professional skills, which you can like, share or add comments to.

By consistently engaging with articles in your skill set, and adding your own valuable input on a frequent basis, you can set yourself up to earn a Community Top Voice badge in your area of expertise, in recognition of your frequent contribution.

There’s no limit to how many badges you can earn, either. If you have a combination of professional skills, you can interact with as many articles as you like in these categories. None of this will cost you a penny, either – all you need to invest is a bit of time.

Although – here’s the secret. There’s nothing to say you even need to do this yourself.

If you have a PA, or a team member that has a strong command of the English language, and you trust them to accurately capture your tone of voice, you can even ask them to do this for you. While it’s usually recommended to do this yourself, this can be helpful as a bit of extra support if time is restricted.

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