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How to avoid traffic jams on the web

How to avoid traffic jams on the web

It is not just enough to have a business website designed and published on the internet. If you do not have search engine optimisation (SEO) customers will not find you. The two main search engines, Google and Bing, rank sites by the quality of their content and links. The more links a site hasfrom other quality sites, the better its chances of appearing high in the results listing.

The aim is to get the site onto the first couple of pages, as few people will bother to check through more than this. Ensuring that the site is vibrant with regularly refreshed content is a good way to improve its rankings and generate additional traffic by ranking for more ‘longtail’ keyphrases (i.e. those with more than 1 or 2 words); and using relevant keywords and phrases adds the necessary optimisation. Thinking that articles can be ‘stuffed’ with a selection of keywords will not do the trick as not only will you risk boring your customers, but the search engines will recognise this as quantity not quality and the site will often plummet down the rankings.

Web traffic is like a transport system, the aim being to get people moving and to their destinations in the shortest possible time. A wrong turn is a disaster and no one wants to sit in a jam going nowhere. Worse still, getting lost and not being able to recognise anything familiar is a nightmare. Using a GPS satellite navigation system takes a lot of the stress out of journeys, so look upon an SEO content writer in the same way. Using a specialist copywriting agency means you get the writing skill of professional writers, the reliability of an agency and SEO editors too, so they know what to do and how to guide business to where it needs to go.

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