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How social media can be beneficial for SEO Background
How social media can be beneficial for SEO

How social media can be beneficial for SEO

How social media can be beneficial for SEO

How social media can be beneficial for SEO

Social media and search engine optimisation (SEO) are two essential parts of creating an online presence and reputation.

However, how would it work if you were to combine the two? In this blog, we’ll look at how social media and SEO go hand in hand when enhancing your online presence.

Although social media engagement, such as likes, shares and comments don’t have a direct role in SEO, they play a huge part in building awareness.

When content receives a lot of engagement, it will suggest to search engines that your content is relevant and useful. Over time, this can result in higher search rankings. It is also worth noting that social media accounts and posts can appear in Google search results, providing a further opportunity to display your brand and drive traffic to your site.

This links us to the next point, which is that the general purpose of social media should be to direct traffic towards your website.

By posting to social media, you are essentially seeking new customers, and reminding existing ones of the products or services you offer. Social media, therefore, is a great way to encourage users who probably wouldn’t have stumbled across your website outside of social media, to view your site.

This can improve traffic and the overall time spent on your site, ultimately improving your SEO.

Another benefit would be surrounding sharing and backlinks. If you are regularly active on social media, you will be more likely to reach a larger number of people who will interact with your content and potentially share it to their page, or even link it to pages on their website. These backlinks can be extremely valuable, enhancing your site’s SEO and elevating your position in search results.

If you have any questions on how you can integrate your social media channels with your website, get in touch with the team at Engage Web today.

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