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How SEO is like indie rock

How SEO is like indie rock

Never made the obvious connection between SEO and indie rock? Here are just a few of the similarities:

  1. Not many people are aware of them (although awareness is rapidly growing)
  2. The lifestyle is a never-ending rollercoaster.
  3. Everyone in SEO has that wonderful grungy-glamorous edge

Okay, the third point is maybe stretching things a bit, but SEO careers can be a lot like indie rock. Not only is SEO an industry that many people were unaware of before a gradual shift in awareness, but in both indie rock and SEO you need to cope with quick and frequent changes.

An SEO guy who loves Indie Rock, yesterday

It might surprise some website owners to know that search engine optimisation is a field that is constantly changing. We mean constantly – an SEO can write advice one day and have it become obsolete the next. In a game where both the search engines and the SEOs hide their cards, new things come up as a complete surprise, leaving everyone to scramble to keep up.

It is this particular element of SEO that makes it a very good idea to subscribe to a couple of SEO mailing lists or drop into forums to avoid getting left behind. While in indie rock the swift change of sounds and ideas is a part of what makes for some excellent tunes, in SEO the speed at which things change can put the average site owner in serious peril.

…As for the point about the grungy-glamorous style of SEOs, what happens at conferences stays at conferences.

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