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How news feeds help your search ranking

How news feeds help your search ranking

Adding a news feed to your website is a long term commitment, but it can provide very tangible benefits for search engine optimisation (SEO). It’s estimated that organic search traffic can increase by up to 400% when content is updated weekly, although this will also depend on factors such as writing quality and tapping into what your users want.

Providing content that readers will find interesting and relevant is extremely important. This often means taking a holistic approach that considers the readers’ needs first. While this might go against the grain, it can lead to a larger readership and more shares through social media, which in turn drives more traffic to your website and influences search rankings.

You should also remember the traditional SEO basics, such as heading tags and alt-text for images. You can also give your content a second chance at life by compiling a weekly or monthly digest to email to subscribers or customers.

It’s ultimately important to post content regularly, even if it’s not perfect. Considering how many other things there are to consider from an SEO perspective, you might prefer to outsource the content generation element. You could try recruiting through freelancing websites, but many people experience problems before finding a reliable writer. Even once you find one, there’s always the possibility that he or she may move on to a better-paid job or possibly a full-time position. Using a news writing service, meanwhile, can yield the same benefits without needing to deal with individual writers.

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