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How many visitors does my website need to be successful?

How many visitors does my website need to be successful?

Most people consider SEO to be all about rankings. Where your website ranks in certain search engines, for certain keywords, is often considered the most important result from any search engine optimisation campaign.

This is of course utter nonsense. Where your website ranks for what keywords is only a small part of what SEO is all about. What is more important, for example, is how much traffic you receive from those keywords. There’s no point ranking at the top of Google for a search phrase if nobody is searching for it – it’s like having exclusive rights to a product that no-one wants.

So, armed with the knowledge that visitors are more important than rankings, how many visitors to your website do you need?

This is another of those open ended questions unfortunately, as it depends on what your website is, what your conversion rate is like and where your visitors are coming from. For example, if your website is a community website, with a forum, and you’re attempting to build a community whereby visitors sign up, make posts and interact with each other – 300 visitors per month is not sufficient. Instead you’ll be looking more towards the 30,000 and over mark.

However, if your website does nothing more than sell accessories for tarantulas, and your visitors are specifically looking for your product, then 300 visitors per month could be just what you need.

As mentioned earlier, the source of your visitors is also a factor. If you’re receiving a lot of untargeted traffic from casual surfers from Google’s Image Search, looking at the photos on your website from a curiosity point of view, then your conversion rate will be very low and, as such, you will require far higher traffic levels in order to be successful.

The long and the short of it is: it doesn’t really matter where your website ranks for certain keywords (because they may not be searched for in the first place) and it doesn’t even matter too much how much traffic you receive (as much of it could be irrelevant anyway) – what really, really matters is how many conversions you receive.

It’s just like business as a whole really. Rankings and traffic and like turnover and sales volume – it’s all very well having them high, but it’s profit that truly counts… and online, profit is conversions.

  • This question is hard to answer. I think there is no really answer, that’s all depends on to many aspects. For example if you are busy in a nice market or if you are doing your job in regular market. If you are providing products or services for only a few users and customers or if you offer your content to a broad area of potenial visitors. I think it’s all experience and a lot of fine tuning when you optimizing your website (SEO). A good way will be for increasing the visits on your site when optimizing it on social media (SMO). Not only the good old bookmarks more the user generated content.

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