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How long will ChatGPT remain free?

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How long will ChatGPT remain free?

It’s been a long time since any software has taken the world by storm the way that OpenAI’s new AI-driven chatbot ChatGPT has. The program was launched at the end of November last year and has since revolutionised the world of artificial intelligence, and created an endless world of possibilities for the future uses of such advanced software.

Best of all, ChatGPT has, so far, been absolutely free for anybody with internet access and a valid email address, as long as they create an account with OpenAI. However, with companies such as Microsoft supposedly pouring billions into implementing the software into its products, it’s highly unlikely that it will remain free in the future.

In fact, it has been reported that OpenAI are already considering a paid version of ChatGPT that offers users faster, more detailed answers and increased availability. The company’s partnership with Microsoft, which reportedly may see OpenAI give up 75% of its profits to the tech giant until Microsoft recoups its initial investment, may be a big reason for this.

What will a paid version of ChatGPT mean for users?

As a paid service, it is highly likely that the capabilities of ChatGPT from a functionality perspective will improve. While the majority of users are already astounded by the software’s capabilities, this is only likely to increase as the chatbot is developed and begins to receive higher levels of funding.

As for the free version of ChatGPT, however, there is probably less cause for excitement. As OpenAI (or Microsoft) will not be directly profiting from the free use of the software, it is unlikely that a free ChatGPT will function anywhere near as well as an improved paid service. Perhaps this may be a sign of things to come in the world of advanced artificial intelligence – those who can pay the most will get the most from products such as ChatGPT, while those who can’t afford it will be left behind.

For now, business owners looking to make the most of ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence software should strongly consider its benefits and limitations, especially if producing content is a specific aim. To gain a reliable and experienced opinion on the best ways to produce online content, contact our specialist team at Engage Web today.

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