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How important is a title with your content?

How important is a title with your content?

While your content may be important for the SEO of your website, the title is perhaps the single most important line of text you can write. It forms the heading of the page and sets the scene for the rests of the content. Whenever your page shows up in the SERPs (search engine results pages) your title forms the anchor text for others to click on it. Your title is also often use for anchor text on other websites when they link back to your post.

You see, your title is pretty important.

It goes further though, because your title forms anchor text, both on your own website and on others, it means that your post is naturally optimised for the words contained in the title. This gives your post a boost in the search engines for anyone searching for that title, or words contained in it. When you write a title for a post you should think what you would search for if you were looking for information on the subject of your post.

Questions are very common as post titles because many people search for questions when they are looking for information and answers to those questions. If your post title matches the search query made by a user then your post will naturally rank well for that query.

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