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How good is your copywriting?

How good is your copywriting?

While many business owners are becoming more aware of the need for an effective search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy, they may not always appreciate just how important content – the words on their website in whatever form – can be. Among all the debates about ethical SEO and amidst all the technical discourse related to the best ways of progressing up the search engine rankings, content can sometimes slip below the radar. With the arrival of Facebook and Twitter on the scene, the complexity of contemporary SEO strategies may also lead to content slipping down the list of priorities.

This downscaling of content can do damage to the economic potential of a website. If a business owner does not perceive the full importance of content, they may choose to provide their content on a very restrictive budget. They can obtain the services of amateur content writers and whilst these content writers may well be enthusiastic and industrious, they may not know the basic elements of grammar and their spelling errors can result in a less professional image portrayal for the company.

If a business owner focuses on cutting costs to the bare minimum and employs content writers with limited literacy skills, editing may become highly problematic, if it is done at all. Moreover, it may be the case that poorly written content actually impacts on the website. Readers, who are potential customers, will not be impressed by inaccuracies which reflect badly on the reputation of the firm. If the content is really substandard it might well deter them from making a purchase because trust has been eroded.

This is not an argument in favour of hiring celebrity authors like Martin Amis to write content. Nor should one spend a fortune on acquiring articles for SEO purposes. It is merely maintaining that if you don’t care about your content, nobody else will.

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