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How FOMO can be used as an effective marketing tool


How FOMO can be used as an effective marketing tool

FOMO, short for “fear of missing out”, is known as the feeling of anxiety associated with the idea of being excluded from particular information, events or experiences that could enrich somebody’s life – but it can also be used as a marketing tool.

Usually, the connotations of FOMO are quite negative, and in social situations, can often lead to feelings of isolation and lack of connection. The effects of FOMO can often lead to impulsive decision-making from individuals based on the desire to remain in the loop on certain issues.

From a marketing perspective, however, the notion of FOMO can be used within content to draw in potential customers to products, services or special offers that your business is offering. Tapping into ideas associated with FOMO is especially beneficial for creating a sense of urgency within your target audience.

Next time you plan to send an email to advertise your company’s services, you might want to create a sense of FOMO in your subject line so that your audience is even more enticed to what it is you are offering them. Some examples of this could be:

• You can’t miss this special offer!
• What will you do if you miss this exclusive deal?
• Purchase now before it’s too late!
• Only a small number remain, so hurry!

Subject lines like these can encourage recipients to open your email immediately so that they don’t miss out on the helpful services that you’re offering. However, it is crucial that you remember to use this technique sparingly. Constantly exploiting FOMO in your content will result in your messaging becoming oversaturated and irrelevant rather quickly. If you portray all of your products as being of extreme importance, it is likely that your audience will view none of it as important.

Like with many marketing tools, the key to getting the most out of FOMO is by using it in moderation. If you’re finding it hard to get the most out of your marketing efforts, this is something we specialise in here at Engage Web, so get in touch with our team right away so you don’t miss out on the benefits of an effective marketing campaign.

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