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How easy is your content to read?

How easy is your content to read?

This may seem like an obvious question, bus is your website’s content easy to read? Before you answer, think about the sort of people who will be reading your content. Think about the sort of people who use the Internet, and look at the words and sentence lengths that you are using.

If you are writing long sentences, with many long words, in large paragraph blocks, then your content will be difficult to get through. If it’s difficult to read, people will give up. If they give up, they will leave your website, and this isn’t what your content is about.

You should also consider that many people in the UK do not have a particularly high reading age. It’s no coincidence that the tabloid newspaper The Sun has the highest circulation, it caters for the lowest common denominator. The Sun is aimed at readers with a reading age of 13, which is why it is so popular.

Now, we’re not saying you should write your content in the same style as the tabloids. However, you should be aware that when you write lengthy, wordy content, your readers may not be able to follow it.

Know your audience. If you’re writing for the average man, you will need to change your writing style from content that is catered towards professionals or graduates.

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