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How do you scale B2B content?

How do you scale B2B content?

How do you define scale when it comes to B2B content marketing? You may well think it simply means creating more of the same sort of content, but does this work in practice?

One factor to consider is how B2B decision-making processes are typically much longer and more complex than when dealing with consumers. This means a typical campaign strategy is not appropriate here, because you need a more continuous, but incremental, level of engagement.

Assuming that you already have a large library of content, does it make sense to create more of it? This decision largely depends on whether your existing content is fit for purpose. If you believe it isn’t, your scaling efforts may be better dedicated to repurposing your existing content.

When you look over your existing content, who is it addressing? Does it answer someone’s question? Is it relevant to at least one stage in the buying process? Does it make a sound case for why the audience should take a particular course of action?

It’s very easy for website content to come out in a disjointed fashion, especially when you’re trying to manage multiple freelancers. This means you need to be constantly vigilant to ensure your content is consistent with smooth transitions between related items, although this problem can be lessened somewhat when using a content agency to manage your content generation.

Imagine you are trying to build a great pyramid. You do not begin by simply laying stones over each other and hoping the result will match your expectation. You create a design and prepare the ground. You build sound foundations for your creation to rest upon. Only then do you carefully build the different levels, always ensuring that each new level rests soundly on the previous one. When it comes to content, this will mean prospective business customers can easily navigate your content as they move towards a purchasing decision.

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