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How do I know how many people are looking at my website?

How do I know how many people are looking at my website?

google-analyticsBefore you even think about SEO for your website, you first need to know how many visitors your site is getting already, where they’re coming from and what keywords they’re searching on. Without knowing how many visitors your website is getting already how can you even put a value on any SEO services you might get, and how important increased traffic is to you now?

For example, you may be getting one enquiry per day from your website. You may be happy with that, but if your website is getting 500 visitors per day, then that one enquiry would represent a very poor conversion rate indeed. This would mean that your website needs looking at from a design and conversion point of view.

If however your website is only getting a handful of visitors each day, then one enquiry would be very good. You could therefore presume that, through some improved search engine optimisation, you could hope to drastically increase the number of enquiries or sales your website is generating.

Knowing your traffic levels is essential – and it’s information you can easily find out for free with Google Analytics. There are many companies online offering traffic reporting software, some at very high prices, but Google Analytics is completely free, and it will tell you how many people you’ve had on your website, what they’ve searched on to find you, where they’ve come, what pages they’ve looked at and, and this should be really interesting, even what towns they’re based in when they’ve been looking at your site.

With this sort of information you can better cater your website’s content to suit your visitors, and thus improve your conversions.

Of course, if you find Google Analytics confusing, or need to know what to do to increase your traffic levels and conversion rates, you could always ask the experts.

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