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How do article submissions work?

How do article submissions work?

Article submissions have been an effective part of any SEO strategy for many years, but there are still many people who don’t know about article submissions, how they work or indeed why they work.

Article submissions allow you to write an interesting article and have it posted on dozens, even hundreds, of websites featuring a link back to your website. Article submissions are effectively a link building technique that is free to use, you just need to know how to do it.

The first thing to note about article submissions is that every article directory has different rules on what is allowed, and more importantly, what is not allowed. While these rules do change from website to website, one thing remains constant: They all require quality articles.

Badly written articles, full of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, will not be published on the majority of article directory websites. It’s also not a good idea to submit sub-standard content when it will be advertising your website either!

For this reason, you should use professional copywriting services for your article submissions to ensure that your articles are of a high enough standard.

Once you have your article, one that follows all of the guidelines laid out by the article directories, you need to submit it. There are many software applications that promise to submit articles to dozens, hundreds, even thousands of article directories. Ignore these as they are almost always dead article sites, or sites owned by the software retailer. Your articles will be wasted and any links will be useless.

Article submissions is a manual process, and one that takes time to do correctly. Knowing the right article submissions websites to use requires knowledge and experience, and ensuring that your submissions are approved is equally a difficult task.

For this reason, a good article submissions company that makes its submissions manually is the best option.

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