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How can I tell Google my site name is wrong in search results?

Crystal Ball Google

How can I tell Google my site name is wrong in search results?

The way you write your company name is probably extremely important to you. Brands like eBay, E.ON and YouGov are understandably particular about how their names are capitalised and punctuated when written down.

If this is also the case with your business, it must be frustrating when people get it wrong, and even more so when companies as powerful as Google are getting it wrong. That’s the case for a surprisingly high number of businesses though, who are finding that their site names are not displayed as they want them to be in Google’s search results.

Search Engine Roundtable notes that one such company is Salesforce. The cloud-based software giant has been nagging Google to stop displaying its site name as ‘Sales Force’, which the company CMO described as “extremely damaging to our brand”. It does appear that this has now been fixed, with a Google search for ‘Salesforce’ now displaying the site name as a single word.

Some sites, however, are still waiting for Google to rectify the issue, such as the gardeners’ community AmpleHarvest.org, which as of today is still appearing as ‘Ample Harvest’.

Fortunately, there are no such problems with us, perhaps because we write ‘Engage Web’ as two words anyway, but brands who are making creative use of capital letters and word spacing should check how their name currently appears on Google.

If it’s wrong, the good news is that the search engine is at least aware of the problem and has set up a feedback form to report any issues. The form asks users to give the site URL, the way the name is being displayed and how they would like it to be displayed, and whether this is on a mobile or desktop device. The form also asks for a search term showing this result.

In search engine optimisation (SEO), it’s important not only to rank in Google, but to have an entry that gives a professional and accurate overview of who you are and what you do. For help with your Google presence, speak to Engage Web.

John Murray

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