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Google coronavirus

How can Google’s new coronavirus information site help us?

Google coronavirus

How can Google’s new coronavirus information site help us?

Search company Google has recently launched an information website dedicated to the coronavirus outbreak, as well as updating its search experience for queries on the subject.

The information site was first announced a week ago and contains useful advice and information about the pandemic. The site has many different sections to it, each offering different content related to the virus. Topics covered include safety and prevention tips, health information, helpful resources, insights and data relating to the crisis, links for users to donate to relief efforts and the latest news from the Google blog.

The much-anticipated site can be accessed here, and is primarily dedicated to education and prevention. Through the site, people will have access to official information, advice and tips, as well as data on search trends to do with COVID-19.

The coronavirus website launched in the US on Saturday, and it is expected to be rolled out in numerous countries and languages in the next few days. It will be continually updated as and when new information is made available.

As well as the launch of the new website, Google has updated the search experience for queries on the global pandemic and it will now be showing authoritative information from official health authorities, along with new sets of data and visual representations.

The search results for coronavirus will be organised in a way that will help people to navigate to the most important information as quickly as possible. This will include links to authorities such as the World Health Organization and the NHS. It will show a carousel of Twitter accounts from the health sector, and a FAQ section that will be dedicated to answering the most commonly asked questions on the virus, showing snippets from relevant sources such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

As well as this information, Google will also help people to track the latest data about the spread of the virus, including statistics about the number of confirmed cases, deaths and recoveries, as well as a map to show the areas of the world that have been affected. This will be similar to the map introduced by rival search engine Bing last week.

This new search experience will be fully launched in the US in the coming days, and the company plans to expand it to other languages and countries as soon as possible.

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