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How can Google Merchant Centre help your ecommerce business grow?

Laptop excitement

How can Google Merchant Centre help your ecommerce business grow?

Did you know that within Google Ads, there’s a tool called Google Merchant Centre that can help you to boost your ecommerce business by getting your products shown more prominently in search results?

What is Google Merchant Centre?

Google Merchant Centre, which can be found here, allows you to connect your ecommerce website products to Google Ads so that you can show your businesses products in the platform.

Even though Google Merchant Centre is within the Google Ads platform, there is also an option to allow you to have free product listings, with the list of products added to Google being synchronised live with your website.

Where would my products show up in free listings?

There are four places where your free product listings can be shown, all on Google-owned websites:

• The shopping tab of Google where you can see a list of products related to the searcher query
• Rich results at the top of the search showing price, availability, and product reviews – this means it’s essential to make sure your website is properly setup to give Google this information using schema or structured data (code in the backend of your website that gives search engines more information about the information on your site)
• The shopping knowledge panel sometimes shown at the top of the search results, which allows searchers to see a wide range of products related to their search query
• The Google images search results at the top
• YouTube (sometimes under the video a user is watching)

To successfully set up free product listings, you need to verify your business via your main phone number so that Google can confirm that it is you setting up the listings.

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