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How artificial intelligence may change the digital marketing industry

AI head

How artificial intelligence may change the digital marketing industry

Regularly making headlines in the news and on social media, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is fast becoming a phenomenon which different industries are keen to benefit from. Solutions like ChatGPT and Midjourney have now initiated a conversation regarding AI’s potential power in digital marketing, with many believing it could alter the industry as we know it.

As they already have a strong presence in digital marketing, AI tools should never be disregarded. As they improve and become more nuanced, their application is likely to increase as they can offer several benefits to both marketeers and the firms they serve. The most hopeful outcome is that the industry will recognise AI’s strengths while being aware of its limitations, and that professionals will collaborate with it to maximise its capabilities to benefit professionals and their clients.

AI can also create a range of content, which some in the industry believe can save valuable time. However, as we have highlighted previously, there are a number of potential limitations to AI’s creative abilities, which can’t be similarly said for quality content written and edited by humans.

Many marketing agencies are already employing AI to comprehend consumer behaviour, conduct digital marketing and even plan out advertising campaigns. However, while AI can be employed to assist with marketing, it is not yet able to replace the experience of human professionals or their subtle ability to discern when a tactic or strategy is the correct option for an individual firm.

At Engage Web, we evaluate our client’s company and business goals before providing a tailored solution which matches their specific needs. Whether you run a large enterprise or a new start-up, you can depend on our expert team for quality assistance provided by caring humans. Get in touch with us today and explore our specialist digital marketing services.

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