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How are LinkedIn Collaborative articles performing in terms of SEO?

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How are LinkedIn Collaborative articles performing in terms of SEO?

On March 3rd, LinkedIn announced ‘Collaborative articles’, a content type published by LinkedIn in collaboration with artificial intelligence (AI) and LinkedIn users.

The new feature was marketed to bring forward the knowledge of LinkedIn users, so that they can increase their reach to a wider audience while showing their industry knowledge.

How does the Collaborative articles feature work?

Collaborative articles are created alongside AI and then edited by human specialists. This allows LinkedIn to scale its content efforts while providing benefits to their users, as well as helping them to show their expertise in their field.

How many articles have already been added?

In less than three weeks after the feature was announced, over 36,000 articles have been published at the content hub at the time of writing.

Collaborative Articles in Search Results
Collaborative Articles in Search Results

How are Collaborative articles performing in search results?

LinkedIn have also gained over 17,000 keywords due to this new feature – which shows you how powerful content is. If you get invited to contribute to a collaborative article, it’s a good idea to contribute as this can help you show your expertise and will enable you to increase trust in yourself and your business.

According to Ahrefs (a well-known SEO platform), the advice section has already had over 10,000 organic visitors from search engines. As shown in the image below:

LinkedIn advice Ahrefs data
LinkedIn advice Ahrefs data

Image sourced from Search Engine Land

How can you find Collaborative articles on your industry?

The articles are published in skill pages that look similar to the below image. Some skill pages already have hundreds of thousands of followers. You may find that you’re already following relevant skill pages, as LinkedIn adds you to these based on the skills you have added to your LinkedIn profile.

Collaborative Articles Skill Pages
Collaborative Articles Skill Pages

If you’re looking to grow your business online, content and SEO may be the perfect way for you to get in front of your target audience online. To find out more about how Engage Web can help you with this, get in touch with our team today.

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