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How Angelina Jolie can help your SEO

How Angelina Jolie can help your SEO

Is there nothing Angelina Jolie can’t do? There probably is; I’ve never heard anyone discuss her soufflé-baking abilities for example. Regardless of her general talents, though, there is something that Angelina Jolie can definitely do for you. Come to think of it, the same could be said for Johnny Depp, Britney Spears, or a whole range of people that you wouldn’t ordinarily connect to your website.

Not many people would expect their SEO campaigns to bring them into contact with Angelina Jolie or others of her calibre, but it is entirely possible. In fact, some of the most successful website owners make regular contact with the glitterati and benefit from it.

Okay, don’t get your hopes up and mop up that drool that’s escaping from the corner of your mouth. I’m not talking about ‘literal’ hands-on contact here, but rather the possibilities to be found in connecting your website with popular topics. This is one method of SEO content that not many talk about, but which a select few have used to boost their rankings straight to the top.

The key word here is ‘connecting’. One of the more difficult things about boosting rankings through content popularity is obtaining that popularity. Linking your content to popular terms isn’t that difficult, though, as many bloggers have shown. Articles like ‘Angelina’s favourite carrot recipe’ or ‘Why John Travolta avoids tax’ get an amount of attention they probably don’t deserve, simply because of the eye-catching name. Just about any connection will work, you just need to think outside the box and hitch your wagon to the right horse – not that Angelina Jolie is a horse.

If you manage to track Ms Jolie down and get her to spend a couple of hours building links, however, let us know.

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