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Help me, Twitter; you’re my only hope

Help me, Twitter; you’re my only hope

At last – a Twitter story to warm the coal-black cockles of your heart.

Terminally ill Tanner Brown, aged just 10, suffers from muscular dystrophy and is immobile without his special wheelchair. When he and his family travelled from their home in Kamloops, British Columbia, to New York, the wheelchair had fallen prey to dastardly baggage handlers, and arrived bent and broken.

Even worse, it meant that he was unable to take part in a charity run. Understandably miffed, his aunt turned to the only place she thought would be able to help them out of her predicament; Twitter.

Tanner Brown

Posting news of Tanner’s woes, their plight soon became viral and word got back to Air Canada. In what I suspect was part altruism and part damage limitation, the airline not only arranged for the £9,300 wheelchair to be repaired overnight, but threw in a few free tickets to Disneyland for the little tyke and his family. Score!

This story illustrates how much influence Twitter now wields over the lives of everyday folk, and major corporations. Although some may dismiss it as a place for dunderheaded celebs to broadcast every mundane thought they ever have in the belief they’re being interesting, there’s no doubt that it also touches people’s lives and makes a real difference.

Twitter is a vital part of any search engine optimisation campaign for a business. Before embarking on a spree of misguided tweets, it’s worth consulting a reputable SEO company as any business wanting to reach a new audience via Twitter faces many pitfalls. There’s a fine line between keeping followers updated regularly and spamming them to within an inch of their lives. There’s also the issue of PR misfires and content; it has to be engaging and witty where appropriate, and not be seen to be trying too hard.

As long as you don’t pick on terminally ill disabled kids by destroying their wheelchair when they use your airline, an SEO company should help you manage your reputation effectively.

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