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Confused woman on phone

Have you received a call from Google Ads account managers?

Confused woman on phone

Have you received a call from Google Ads account managers?

There have been recent reports saying Google Ads account managers have been contacting companies that are using agencies for their Google Ads, telling them to get rid of their agency. But why is this happening, and should you take it seriously?

According to reports online, Google Ads account managers are threatening agencies that they will contact clients directly, even though they are not allowed to, if they fail to respond to their emails.

There are two things to bear in mind if you get an email or phone call along these lines:

1. There is no requirement for agencies to speak with Google Ads account managers
2. Google Ads account managers should not contact an agency’s clients

Many agencies have been posting about this, with one sharing an email from a client saying that they refused to speak with the Google rep directly. One post was picked up by Google Ads Liaison Ginny Marvin, who has told agencies that the issue will be addressed as a priority, and that this is not how Google expects its team to support agency partners and advertisers.

If you are contacted by Google by someone saying that your agency is ignoring their emails, you should either ignore it or reply to say that you will not directly speak with them. After this, you should submit a complaint via Google’s official complaint form.

If you are not breaking any of Google’s policies, Google has no say on how you run your campaigns.

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