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Has your business got the X Factor in SEO?

Has your business got the X Factor in SEO?

It is not enough in today’s competitive marketplace to be a good, solid business with a professionally designed website. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is vital for continuing success: it is the “X Factor” of 21st century business operations.

A website may hit all the right notes, but if it does not have that extra something to attract repeat custom it is not paying its way. SEO improves the chances of your website being picked up by customers using the internet to find products and services. If the site features on the first page of search results it is more likely that potential customers will visit the site and, because the site is attractive and interesting, they will linger and buy. To keep them coming back for more and to establish loyalty with the company, you need to encourage the site’s ‘stickiness’ to keep visitors returning. A constant stream of well-written, interesting articles can help with this. These can be straightforward news-based articles written by professional journalists, or they can be blogs, written by professional content writers.

Finding such writers is easy if you use a reputable agency specialising in content and copy writing. This is a growing business itself and competition is fierce, but the best agencies only employ the best staff. They only use native-English speakers and usually have a large pool of copy writers running into the hundreds; check that this is the case before taking up a commission. This guarantees that the clients’ interests can be placed with the most experienced professional writers in that field, that is, those with the X factor.

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