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Grammatically incorrect notice leaves education chiefs red faced

Grammatically incorrect notice leaves education chiefs red faced

A notice written by education chiefs from Suffolk County Council has been found to contain numerous grammatical errors. The notice was posted on the windscreen of a school bus, notifying pupils of how to use their bus passes. In just eight lines of text and 52 words, there were at least 15 errors discovered. Pupils and a local resident were the first to spot the errors, leaving their teachers embarrassed.

One resident to spot the sign, Tony Green said:

“With Ipswich’s university attracting students from around the country, one would hope they can expect to get a good education there.”

However, if the notice posted in the bus windscreen is anything to go by, students may have to go elsewhere to learn how to spell and the correct use of English grammar. Suffolk County Council has said that it is not responsible for the notice, blaming the bus company. Both companies have suffered embarrassment.

Although the use of English grammar and correct spellings may not seem important, errors in content bring a company into disrepute, creating a poor reputation for those concerned.

As an example, web content that is accurate and well presented will create a professional image, whilst making it easier for people to read. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors make it harder to read copy, in some cases altering the meaning of whole sentences. Content outsourcing to a reputable copywriting agency will ensure that all content is created by professional writers who have a high level of knowledge of the English language, free from glaring errors that may bring disrepute to your company.

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