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Grammatical errors influence author of new book

Grammatical errors influence author of new book

Author Philip Pryce has completed his first novel, which took three years to finish. ‘The Hidden Agenda’, which is about the Suez Crisis,took around 14 months to write as he admits that he is a finger typist, and the remainder of the time was spent purely on research. Most of the research was from books that he owned, that contained facts and information regarding the incident, but the Internet was also a source for some of his information. The only problem with using the Internet is that some of the information discovered is not always accurate, which can lead to readers being misinformed. Another aspect of the book that the author focused on, was the grammar.

The author had experienced grammatical errors when he read a book by the famous author, Wilbur Smith. The book had many simple errors which lessened the enjoyment for Mr Pryce, who was determined not to make the same mistakes in his own novel, believing that the correct use of the English language and being free from spelling mistakes would help to engage the reader.

Grammatical errors can confuse the reader, with the meaning of a sentence being altered by the incorrect use of a word or phrase. The same effect occurs when you visit a website that is scattered with grammatical errors and spelling errors. The content fails to make sense to the reader, discouraging them from making a return visit.

Making the decision to outsource content writing will ensure that the web content conveys the intended meaning, encouraging visitors to your website to browse. A professional writer will have the knowledge required to create original, fresh content, leaving you free to concentrate on other duties.

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