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Grammar superhero strikes again!

Grammar superhero strikes again!

A new superhero has arrived in town, faced with the task of correcting the poor grammar and spelling displayed in UK graffiti. The latest sighting of Grammar Man was the bandstand of Victoria Gardens, Chatham, Kent whose floor was covered in graffiti. The self appointed mystery man has been adding his own snippets of wisdom, in addition to correcting the poor spelling and punctuation.

The work of Grammar Man is identified by a drawing of a masked superhero, cape flying out behind him and a giant exclamation mark on his chest, left behind at the scene. The bandstand in Victoria Gardens was covered in slogans like “innit brav” and “woz ere”, which prompted the reply from Grammar Man:

“Terrible spelling and very poor use of grammar. This is murder of the English language.”

However, every superhero has a weakness and Grammar Man’s Kryptonite appears to be capital letters, as they are strewn throughout his sentences:

“POW! Grammar Man Strikes Again.”

He takes great pride in his work, placing arrows to point out punctuation errors. One message from the spelling superhero read “Punctuation Again”. The work of Grammar Man has been likened to a scene from Monty Python, when Brian is caught scrawling “Romans go home!” on the amphitheatre walls in Latin. The Roman centurion played by John Cleese is oblivious to the anti Roman slur, and orders Brian to correct his punctuation and grammar.

Rochester, Gillingham and Chatham have so far been visited by the punctuation superhero. If you don’t want your business website to be the next target of Grammar Man, immediate content outsourcing to a reputable UK copywriting agency is advisable.

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