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Government spends £100k on Facebook

Government spends £100k on Facebook

There are a great many companies throughout the UK that invest in advertising on Facebook, all hoping to see significant returns. There are also a number of public organisations placing adverts on the popular social networking site, with the government counted in that number.

Having submitted a Freedom of Information, the BBC also found that the state is spending a substantial amount on the recently listed site. The Cabinet Office certainly is any case, having spent £98,418.25 on its ‘Great’ campaign.

It has also proved incredibly successful, having received over 500,000 ‘Likes’, spread over the 13 title ads that are running. No doubt boosted by the summer of sport and ceremony, it seems that many people want a piece of British culture at the moment.

Some have suggested that despite the obvious success, the campaign could have been just as successful without the spend. Those working in the SEO world have argued that well written content would have also attracted a high number of clicks for example.

With recent reports also suggesting that many likes on Facebook are derived from spurious accounts, it could also be argued that such results would be more genuine. The secret of course, as any online marketer will know, is synergising all digital campaigns.

This can be done with pictures, but words are so much more powerful a tool and, critically to the way web works, far easier to search for. The government do know this though, admitting back in the early summer of 2012 that data for keyword searches is fundamental to understanding what the public want.

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